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Jedox AG

Jedox EPM software makes planning and Enterprise Performance Management seamless – in every organization, on every device, wherever the data resides. Discover how Jedox can help optimize business processes, boost data quality, and slash planning cycles across your organization.

Plan, analyze, report on ONE integrated EPM software platform

Having a single enterprise performance management software integrated across the organization provides reliable and consistent data, insights and guidance to everyone in your company.
Jedox delivers it all: Budgeting, planning and forecasting combined with intuitive self-service analytics and BI dashboards in one integrated software platform.
Users across the organization from finance to sales to human resources are able to create integrated plans and reports based on the same data model business logic.


Jedox ExcelPLUS – Remove the risks from your spreadsheets

Excel is still the most widely used tool for planning, analytics and reporting. While spreadsheets do offer great flexibility, it comes at great cost due to limited automation, security and control.
Jedox removes the risks from Excel-based business processes while building on your existing Excel know-how.
Convert your spreadsheets to an enterprise solution with a centralized data source, controlled access, workflows, seamless data integration and rich capabilities for reporting and self-service analytics.

Configure and customize your EPM solution

Jedox understands that your business processes are unique to your industry, company size and organization. Through a flexible, powerful modeling engine and scalable in-memory database technology, Jedox enables you to build tailored corporate performance management solutions.
Create flexible applications for organizations of all sizes, data, user scenarios, workflow and reporting processes.

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Collaborate and gain insights – anytime, anywhere

Delight your users and increase productivity through the Jedox Mobile app.
Jedox Mobile provides seamless access to the same data and information from any device. Paired with tailored dashboards, users can expect to see just what they need; nothing more, nothing less.
Harness the power to collaborate anytime, anywhere.

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