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CCH Tagetik

Organisations trust CCH Tagetik Corporate Performance Management software to save time, lower costs and reduce risk.
By aligning financial and non-financial data in a unified platform, CCH Tagetik enables you to work with a single version of truth. This results in faster financial processes, improving operational efficiency and elevate performance.

Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

CCH Tagetik CPM Software unifies all your plans, processes and granular data in a single solution.

CCH Tagetik’s powerful built-in financial intelligence and unlimited dimensionality* lets you plan, budget and analyze at any level of detail with any type of data.

Enable real-time continuous planning across the organization with financial planning and analysis (FP&A) and extended planning and analysis (xP&A), achieving integrated business planning across companies and departments.

*With the use of Analytical Information Hub


Analytical Information Hub

CCH Tagetik’s Analytic Information Hub extends the reach of the CPM down to a more detailed level, with in-depth modelling capabilities to quickly perform integrated business planning, detailed operational planning and profitability analysis with the same level of data governance, transparency and auditability as traditional performance management. This empowers business users to harness massive amounts of granular data, uncover the hidden value and gain business insights for more informed and confident decision-making.

Financial Consolidation and Close

Financial consolidation process is complex, time consuming and laden with risk.
Our unified CPM solution helps streamline finance consolidation by providing robust automation, process-driven workflow, stringent controls and detailed audit logs to modernize legacy approaches.
With CCH Tagetik financial close software, we manage the complexity so you can accelerate the close and reporting process across all business entities.

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